ode to cherry chapstick

I have a slight obsession. It's bad. I use it no less than 10 times a day (yes, I've counted). It's...

And it can't be any other lip product. Not vanilla ChapStick, not lip gloss, not lipstick. Classic Cherry ChapStick is the only thing I want.

You know those commericials where people get paid in gum? And they are excited about it? Yeah. Well I can honestly say I have been paid in Cherry ChapStick for babysitting...and I was ecstatic. Yup, it's better than moolah.

I mean I am so obsessed that I didn't even have to buy Cherry ChapStick this year for myself. That's right. My family and friends know me so well that last year for Christmas I got not 7, not 8, but 9 tubes of Cherry ChapStick in my stockings and wrapped into gifts.(I am down to the last one,I am hoping that trend not only continues, but grows this year.)

I keep one in my pocket book, one beside my bed, and during the winter (so it doesn't melt) one in my car. I need them like peanutbutter needs jelly. It's serious.

My friends often tell me that I no longer have a "natural protective coating" on my lips.

Bah humbug.

Me + Cherry ChapStick = True Love.

Do you have any weird obsessions?


  1. Ummm... nope. Definitely not. Noooooo.


  2. Hello, my name is Tina and I am a Blistex addict!! Ha! It HAS to be the white tube of medicated ointment, nothing else and NO off brands!! =P When we first moved to Spain I wasn't finding it!! Ack! Panic diverted, I finally found some! Whew!! That would have been tragic!! =)

  3. No really, the protective layer is GONE!!!! Hey, I'm not complaining, I like paying you in chap stick!

  4. ummm...mine probably is chapstick too... :)

  5. That is too funny!

    I am forever applying chapstick, so that protective layer is probably gone too!

  6. That's too funny! Mine would be chewing gum. The kids at school are always like, "why can't we have gum and you can?" To which I respond...I went to college for 4 years to be able to chew gum in class :)

  7. i love lip balm. especially c.o. bigelow's lemon...soothing AND yummy!

  8. You know they put stuff in there that makes you have to use it MORE, right??? Chapstick is evil!!!!

    I'm more than just a little bit obsessive about plucking every tiny little stray hair around my eyebrows. To the point that I make sores trying to get the shortest hairs. Yes. I realize I have a problem.


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