empty arms

I may have posted this before, but God laid it on my heart to post it again. Please take the time to watch this video. I have said before that unless you have walked the infertility road, you do not truly know what it is like. This video does a good job of giving you a glimpse of that pain. It says at one point "we will resolve our infertility, we just don't know how." You guys all know that we are adopting, and though that is seen as a "resolution," the stamp of infertility on our hearts will never truly go away.


  1. This video is beautifull! Makes me cry... Maybe I'll also put in on my blog. Actually I should mail it to family and friend. We're also adopting. I do hope and think the heartache will be on the background when the baby is in our arms...

  2. thanks for posting. i have seen it before and think it is so well put together and so well done. it is already on one of my blog pages but i might post it again because it is such a useful way to 'explain' how it feels. thanks girl! have a great weekend...

  3. Heather, you are such a good friend, even if we only know each other virtually.

    I am so excited for you guys to get your first one and I pray that your experience is just like all the good we have experience and none of the bad we have. I know that is slightly unrealistic, but I have seen God do AMAZING things, and HE knows how much our hearts can take.

  4. i saw this last winter for the first time and i lost it. totally bawling.


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