In case you didn't get that: WE HEARD!

From our social worker that is! My last adoption post was kind of a downer, so I am super excited that this one is way more positive.

So Melyssa, our social worker, finally called me back today. I called her a week and a half ago. She had been in court and then on a leave of absence so that is why she didn't call back in her usual fashion. (I have never waited more than 2 days to hear from her.) She apologized for the wait and was very very sweet. I voiced my concern over calling her too much and she said it was "not a problem, please feel free to contact me by phone or email as much as you would like."

"She clearly doesn't know me well...oh but she will" I thought as I scribbled down her email. (Ways to contact Melyssa count is now up to 3.)

I asked her when we could expect a tentative time for our homestudy and she said she really couldn't give me any kind of timeline. That was a little disappointing, but I do understand. I would much rather not know than to have her guess and be way off base. She did say there was nothing wrong with our paperwork so far and everything looks great. Praise God! Also, the homestudy will be first, and then the fire and DHEC inspections. (Click here to find out about those.)

So long story short Melyssa and I are best buds (well maybe not yet, but soon, I can feel it) and we are on a first name basis. I have the green light to contact my little heart out and our paperwork is just dandy so far.

Today is a good day.

"Worthy are You, our Lord and our God, to receive glory and honor and power; for You created all things, and because of Your will they existed, and were created."- Revelation 4:11


  1. always great to have some positive moments in this process! hope things move fast for you!

  2. WOO HOO!!!! I know nothing was wrong with your paper work! I also knew she would not ignore you ;-) So, if she takes the "best bud" slot in your life I am prepared to track her down. Now, yes I will wait until your adoption is final so as not to disrupt the process.... but I can't promise I will be too nice after...

    Totally joking!

    Super excited about the GREAT news!

  3. crack me up, you so sound like me when we started BUT I actually didn't call much at all...I just sat around wanting to.

  4. yay! hope things start moving soon!


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