dear fall

Dear Fall,

I like you. I really really do. That is why I would really like for you to sign what us teachers like to call a "Contract for Success." Think of it like a little prenup between you and I, if you want our long standing relationship to last.


During the months of October through Mid-December, Fall agrees to:
- allow the leaves to change colors
- crisp up the air
- enable weather for boots/leggings/sweaters
- have stores sell
          - spiced apple candles
          - hot chocolate (especially the salted caramel hot chocolate at Starbucks...mmmm)
          - pumpkin flavored things

However, I would formally like to lodge a few complaints about this year, since our contract will be post-dated.. Namely: The leaves are changing entirely too fast, we need some color variation here. Green to brown isn't cutting it.I said crisp, not frigid air. Seeing my breath in the morning is not acceptable in October, thank you very much. Also, this whole freezing-in-the-morning-blazin-hot-in-the-afternoon thing is really starting to do a number on my laundry. The laundry I already despise doing, so cut that out too.

Failure to adhere to said regulations will result in the termination of your position. IE: Summer will go directly into Winter, bypassing the need for Fall altogether. You understand, don't you?

Fall's Signature:____________________

Heather's Signature:


  1. Spot on babe! The worst part is the leaves having no color when they to crispy brown is not fun.

  2. I'm pretty much with you except the leggings part. That is not a good look for me in any season...

  3. AMEN! I was just wondering why I could see my breath at Itty Bit's soccer practice last night. I think that's wildly unfair after getting robbed of a summer (only 3 warm days this year).

    Hoping Fall signs your contract :)

  4. Oh yes and Fall for those of us in Southern California while we like the variation in weather
    118 to 69 is a bit much in a week. Thank You in advance for your cooperation.

  5. Love this! :) I'm all about the scarves... I can't wait to pull them all out and start wearing them soon.

  6. I hope Fall listens to you. I sure would hate to see the seasons go from Summer directly to Winter!

  7. trust me, i plan to keep up with your blog to and i will email you once i get the new blog address. i just had another friend of mine shut her blog down and i don't know why (I just emailed her to check on her) but i have noticed how many people seem to start getting rude, or even disturbing comments the more followers they get and I have two problems.

    I started my blog 3 years ago back when there weren't that many of them, i used our names as the web address, terrible idea!

    Also, i tell too much about what is going on with my girls and their case and I don't want to EVER get in trouble for that so I am going to go anonymous so that will not happen. I think it is so important to tell the WHOLE story of what it is like to do this and legally I can't :/


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