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I guess this is kind of a boring update. I'm sorry! Truly I started writing this blog just to get my thoughts down somewhere, and it has morphed into a place I can talk/celebrate/vent about all this adoption stuff too. I really love all my stalkers readers though, don't get me wrong! Blogging wouldn't be the same without you guys. Don't leave me because of this very boring post, ok?

I'll be back next time with a way more interesting update...I hope. And no, I have not heard from our case worker yet. I will be calling her next week. I do know that our paperwork got there because I tracked that sucker on usps.com! (Yes, I paid for the delivery confirmation.)

Here is what we have accomplished so far! I will actually be back soon with another list, not one that is mandatory, but one that I think will help our cause during the homestudy. You will see.

Fire Inspection
- smoke alarms installed:
          - on the ceiling or wall outside of each separate sleeping area in the immediate vicinity of bedrooms
          - in each room used for sleeping purposes
          - in each story within a dwelling unit
- fire extinguisher shall be located in the cooking area mounted on a wall in an accessible location and not obscured from view
- each facility housing foster children shall have two independent means of escape
- a fire plan describing what actions are to be taken by the family in the even of a fire must be developed, posted, and copies made available to the local fire department noting the location of all crib infants
          - notation of two ways out, meeting place, locations of fire extinguishers, and smoke alarms to be noted on plan
- fire drill conducted every 3 months, save records
- resident bedrooms shall have emergency egress openings with:
          - window/door with minimum net clear opening of 5 square feet for ground level with dimensions 24"x20", bottom of opening is not to be greater than 44" measure from floor
- exit hallways/access/doors are not blocked
- no gasoline or gasoline appliances stored in or under home
- dryer vents not clogged or crushed
- electrical blanks kept in receptacles at all times
- keep 3 foot clearance from all electrical/mechanical equipment
- windows operational

*There are many, many specifics that I am leaving out, but you get the general idea.

DHEC Inspection (SC Department of Health and Environmental Control)
- all pets must have vaccinations up to date with a copy of shot record available (they need their yearly's)
- refridgerator must have thermometer to ensure that temperature is 42 degrees or cooler
- hot water heater is set no higher than 120 degrees
- well water will be check for contamination (We don't have a well!)
- all chemicals, toxic substances, or medicines must be in a locked cabinet or out of reach of small children 
- refuse storage and disposal will be check (city trash pick up, taking trash to county disposal center, burning, etc. ) (We have city!)
- disposal of waste water will be checked (city sewer or septic tank) (We have city!)
- microwaves will be checked for leakage (how is this even possible?)
- lead paint testing (getting the kit from Lowes)

I was recently informed by a fellow blogger/foster parent that we may need to get a carbon monoxide detector as well, so add that to the list!

See you around: same bat-time, same bat-channel.  


  1. It's so much to do, isn't it? We have that list from our adoption/foster care agency and I get overwhelmed every time I look at it.

    We did find out that you can get smoke alarms with carbon monoxide detectors built in!

  2. lol, you may want to check with your agency so that you don't spend $20 you don't need to :)

    i remember waiting, filling out paper work, then waiting some more.

    3 beautiful little faces later and here I am thinking "wow, that went really fast!"

    some day you will too.

  3. oh gosh that is so much stuff! nice work getting half of it done... hope it all goes by quickly and smoothly for the homestudy!


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