god's provision

I love sharing about how God works in my life. As you know, Eric and I are going back to Costa Rica this year to serve the Lord and the Jones family missionaries.

Mission trips cost money. A lot of money. It is a sad fact that this alone has deterred many people from stepping out in faith to go on a mission trip, especially an international one. Friends, the truth is, if it is God's will for you to go he is going to provide. I have seen this provision many, many times.

Eric and I have stepped out in faith twice now regarding the financial aspect of this trip. We aren't rolling in dough over at casa de Evans, if you know what I mean. We could never afford to just pack up and go to Costa Rica on our own. However, this has never stopped us from obeying the call of God in our lives. Both years God has provided for both of us to go on this trip in amazing ways. There have been anonymous donors, family member and friends who have all contributed more than generous amounts to make this trip possible for not only ourselves, but for many others on our team as well. Both summers have been the worst financially for us for several reasons. There was the fact that I am no longer working full time, mandatory furlough weeks and 32 hour work weeks for Eric. Our finances have actually never looked worse in our 4 years of marriage. That's when God is asking you "do you really trust me?"

I am ecstatic to share that our trip this year has been covered financially. God has come through for us in some amazing ways. Eric worked really hard and barely took any vacation time this year in order to save days for this trip. It requires 9 vacation days. He only gets 12 a year. We were worried that once he used them all, we wouldn't be able to travel and see family for the holidays this year. Well sometimes blessings come in disguise. Eric came home and told me they were forcing furloughs again (by the way furlough = nonpaid vacation) but the good news was he could pick when. The better news was he could claim unemployment! So not only do we get to keep a lot of vacation days, we won't be completely unpaid that week either.

God is good people.
All the time.

Please continue to pray for us and our team as we prepare to leave August 1st.


  1. awesome! praying for you as prepare to go!

  2. God is so good! Praising Him for all that He has done for you two! You are going to do great work for Him in Costa Rica and He knows it!


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