day 40

Well folks, I did it!!!

I completed the Maker's Diet 40 day health experience officially today.

I am so excited to say that I do fell an overall increase in my health. I have more energy, less headaches, and a smaller appetite. I learned portion control. I learned fruit can be a fantastic dessert because it tastes sweeter when you cut out sugar. I lost almost 10 lbs and have maintained that loss. My pants are pretty loose and I fit into some that I haven't worn in years. My weight is consistent in the mornings, instead of fluctuating by a couple pounds. I believe that if I were to repeat the gluten tolerance test that I did back in February, my results would different...good different.

It is unrealistic of me to think that I can follow TMD guidelines to the tee however. My dear husband loves cheese more than he loves life, and I can't deprive him of that! I can't live without milk (I buy whole organic) and flour tortillas are used in our household for everything from burritos to turkey wraps.

I plan on following a modified version of TMD though. I have learned a lot and I really like the results. I will incorporate a LOT more fresh fruit and veggies in our meals. Snacks will be healthier, portions will be smaller and processed foods will be nonexistent close to nonexistent!

If any of you out there are thinking about a radical diet change, I would highly recommend The Maker's Diet!


  1. awesome! good for you, heather! i'm really sucky with diets, but really need to change mine. i think tmd might be too extreme for me, but we'll see...congrats!


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