april/may meals for a month

Here is my update on our meals for this month...it took a little longer to put together than usual. I think it is because I am transitioning from winter soups to summer salads.


-Cheesy chicken and rice with broccoli (x2)
-Baked ziti with spinach
-Turkey burgers, onion rings, asparagus
-Burritos (x2)
-Crock pot chicken and black eyed peas
-Frozen pizza (x2)
-Mexican lentil casserole
-Spaghetti, meatballs, garlic toast
-Shrimp scampi
-Biscuits and gravy (x2)
-Butternut squash risotto (frozen from last month)
-Smoked gouda mac and cheese (frozen from last month)
-Greek crock pot chicken
-Whole wheat blueberry pancakes
-Hot dogs and beans
-Chili beans and biscuits
-Fried eggs, sausage, grits
-Salmon, rice, asparagus
-Tuna melts, veggie

- Cinnamon rolls
- Fried eggs
- Honey Oatmeal muffins
- Whole wheat blueberry pancakes
- Yogurt with honey and granola
- Hot dogs
- Tuna with crackers
- Leftovers
- Smoothies
- Salads

Pretty sure that will get us through this month!

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