april/may 200 challenge

I have been a little slack this month. I didn't go grocery shopping until today...3 days after I was supposed to (Remember I am doing the 15th-15th of each month). We ate out way more than usual. We spent a week at our dear friends (the Henry's) for a week to take care of Ms. Alice and Kimber while they were out of town. Our schedule just seemed to work against us. We had a LOT of meals from last month that didn't get made, but the up side is we didn't have to buy a whole lot in the way of groceries this month!

So I did my usual Aldi run today and got lots of fresh fruits and veggies and I only spent $54.98 It was super busy on Sunday afternoon so it took me an hour to get what seemed like not a whole lot. Then on to Wal-Mart. Well, actually I forgot my cooler to put my cold/frozen stuff in so I had to truck it back home, unload, and then on to Wal-Mart! I had to get a few pricier items such as olive oil, so my total there was $82.16. That brings my total to $137.14 so far. I usually go back in two weeks and pick up more fresh produce, milk, etc.

Can I just say that I am loving this challenge. Oh and I will update later with the meal menu for this month!

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