feb/march 200 challenge

I did my grocery shopping today! I am shopping on the 15th of every month so I will go from 2/15 - 3/15 with this months groceries. I went to Aldi first with my list and got a good majority of my groceries and fresh produce there. I only spent $58.51 there.

Next stop was Wal-Mart. They carry a few things that Aldi just doesn't have. Also, we are trying to cut out high fructose corn syrup and use more natural sweeteners like raw local honey and agave, and even some of Aldi's "Fit&Activ" brand contains hfcs. This month I had to buy toilet paper and sponges, but those were my only non-food items. I spent $98.08 there.

That brings my total to $151.59. Now I will go back for milk and probably bread before the month is out, but that is still seriously under budget! Now for my meals...(some meals are frozen from last month, and no that isn't cheating!)

- Frozen Veggie Soup and biscuits
- Frozen Lemony Lentil Soup and cheese toast (x2)
- Buffalo chicken quesadillas
- Chicken fajitas
- Cheesy chicken and rice with broccoli (x2)
- Shepherds pie with corn (x2)
- Spaghetti with garlic bread
- Baked ziti with spinach
- Baked salmon, rice, and spinach
- Baked salmon, rice, asparagus
- Hot dogs and baked beans
- Burritos (x2)
- Greek crock pot chicken
- Crock pot chicken and black eyed peas
- Veggie pasta with Braggs
- Frozen pizza (x2, for Wednesdays, not able to cook)
- Black bean quesadillas
- Mexican lasagna
- Enchiladas (x2)
- Tuna melts and faux tatoes (x2)
- Mexican lentil casserole

- Cinnamon rolls
- Fried eggs
- Honey Oatmeal muffins
- Whole wheat blueberry pancakes
- Yogurt with honey and granola
- Trail mix, mixed nuts
- Hot dogs
- Tuna with crackers
- Biscuits and gravy

That is 28 dinners! We will also have leftovers for lunches and dinners too. If you want to join The 200 Challenge just go on over to Sarah's and link up!

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  1. WOW!! You did great. I'll be posting how I finished at the end of the month.


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