meals for a month

I usually try to do once a month grocery shopping. The only things I go back for in the middle of the month are milk, eggs, bread, and fresh fruits/veggies. Since we are only a family of two, I try to stick to a really tight budget when it comes to groceries. Under $150 is my usual goal for a month. So far so good for the last 3 months! Eric and I decided that if we don't go out to eat at all for the month of January and half of February, we can do something nice for Valentines Day. Here is what we are eating this month (and a half):

- Lemony Lentil Greek Soup (eat twice this month, freeze and eat twice next month)
- Biscuits and gravy (x2)
- Cheesy chicken and rice (x2, four meals each time so some will be for next month)
- Tuna melts (x2) with faux-tatoes and with broccoli
- Macaroni Grill meal (chicken pesto)
- Chicken fajitas
- Buffalo chicken quesadillas
- Crock pot chicken and black eyed peas (x2)
- Twice baked potatoes (x2, aka Texas 'Taters)
- Shepherds pie (x2)
- Tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches
- Spaghetti and garlic bread
- Mexican lentil casserole (x2)
- Black bean soup (eat twice this month, freeze and eat twice next month)
- Italian chicken and fried squash
- Frozen Red Baron pizzas (x2)
- Frozen Smoked Gouda mac and cheese
- Hot dogs and baked beans (x2)
- Burritos
- Brinner (x2, blueberry pancakes, sausage, fried eggs, etc.)

That is 38 meals! Plus leftovers and enough for lunches. I think we can do it!

So now I want to know where we are going...


  1. You are amazing! Can't wait to hear where you get to go for Valentine's!

  2. Very nice! You inspire me, Heather. This is fun, isn't it?


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