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Eric and I don't have any kids yet, that is, we don't have any 2-legged ones. We most definitely have a 4-legged one. Her name is Maggie (short for Magdalene, which she gets called frequently) and she is a 10 lb. mini dachshund with more personality in one claw than any other dog I have met has in their entire body. She is sweet, spoiled rotten, headstrong, stubborn, loving, and playful. As badly as I may talk about her, she is one of the things in life I love the most.

The dachshund breed in general is pretty special. They are some of the most loyal dogs on earth, but also have a reputation for being incredibly independent and stubborn. Best of all, their shape makes for some really fun home decor on Etsy! Here is my Etsy ode to the Dachshund:

This flying dachshund t-shirt from MisNopalesArt is absolutely hilarious. I need one!

Even better is dachshund yard art from metalcrafts, who doesn't need this in the back yard?

When we have children, they are totally going to sport this dachshund onsie from BellaBludesigns because it is cute AND funny!

And my favorite, the dachshund pillow from nakeddecor. Too flippin cute!



  1. I can totally see your little girl in that onesie. :-)

  2. So why don't we already have that yard ornament? We were just talking about us not having any.

  3. I LOVE those pillows...and wonder if they'd make one of those onesies for me :D


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